Tank Cleaning

AMG offers a highly experienced and professional tank cleaning service specialising in aviation fuel tanks.

AMG along with OPEAM has been engaged in the cleaning of aviation fuel tanks since 2007 and has performed over 65 tank cleans in Australia and supervised tank cleaning operations internationally. This has included both vertical and horizontal as well as underground and above ground AVGAS and JET A1 tanks.

With compliance scanning requirements of between 5- and 10-years dependant on tank type and corrosion history, your tanks need to be taken out of service for cleaning and inspection repairs and maintenance. Clean tanks ensure fuels are free from contamination and functioning optimally. These contaminants can harm aircraft fuelling systems resulting in catastrophic failure and loss of power to aircraft. At AMG, we have developed our own End 2 End (E2E) service to ensure the time your tank is “offline” is kept to a minimum and all works are completed in a systematic way.

So, when the most important factor is getting the job done correctly with no room for error, the utilisation of dedicated specialists makes good business sense.

AMG achieves this by having a dedicated team of highly skilled professional service people that can complete all associated works.

We have a dedicated site trailer containing specialised equipment, which enable efficient operations to be conducted, saving you and your business time and money. The inspections can incorporate non-destructive testing, calibrations and repairs as required. These activities are all conducted to your own company’s specifications and standards.

The AMG E2E tank cleaning and inspection model delivers the following:

  • Principal contractor activity
  • Compliance to oil company systems
  • Permitting
  • Isolation
  • Gas freeing
  • Disposal
  • JSA
  • Repairs
  • Confined space entry etc
  • Minimum stock losses
  • Faster tank turn around
  • On time and on budget
  • Dynamic site supervision
  • Safety and environmental incident free
Replacing handrails on aviation tanks
New tank plinths being fabricated
Relocating aviation fuel tank in remote location in WA

To manage your risk AMG’s E2E model ensures

  • Tank is returned clean and free from contaminants
  • Product quality assurance
  • Tank integrity assurance

Having high standards protects you and your organisation from unnecessary risk and provides your customers with peace of mind.

Additionally, AMG’s team can perform routine maintenance activities such as filter changes, meter calibrations and site inspections to keep your facility compliant.

Before and after Tank Clean
Tank refurbishment project
tank integrity